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Why the laptop fails to turn on even when charging?

Make sure you charge in to the correct charging port. Please note the charging port is at the left side of the laptop besides the USB port and HDMI port. Some people may mix up the charging port with headphone jack.

The keyboard and mouse pad are not working, what's wrong?

There is a Keyboard Lock (besides Power button) to lock the keyboard functions when in tablet mode.

Does PhilBook Max equipped with UK keyboard?

PhilBook Max is equipped with US keyboard. 

*Please follow the following steps to set to US keyboard for the first time: 

Settings---Time & Language---Region& Language---Country (United States) and Languages--- English (United States)---Keyboards---US Qwerty.

How much does shipping cost?

Currently supports multiple countries free shipping (US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, etc.), if more than $35 dollars shipping, we will bear half of the fees with the customer.

when can the customer get the package?

(Arrive within 3-5 days) American and English zone 

(Arrive within 7-9 days) out of American and English zone 

How can custome return package?

  • 14days to return any of our products(without any quality issues)... 
  • Take a package photo and provide a logistics number 
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