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XIDU Brand is always in pursuit of innovation and improvements. It aims to provide users with cost-effective products of high quality by its own advantages and it plays a leading role in this industry. Since the release XIDU tour pro series, these eye-catching products have always been a hot topic in the industry and on social media. Our customers are eager to see the brand-new XIDU Tour pro and they look forward to knowing more details about it. We have made various improvements and adjustments for the new tour pro laptop compared with the old one. A comparison between the new and old tour pro is made as follows.


The old tour pro comes with an Intel Celeron processor while the new tour pro is supported by an Intel Kaby Lake R 8th generation chip with higher running speed. They both can operate general office software and some heavy games. However, if you have higher requirements for CPU, then the new tour pro is a perfect choice for you. For game lovers, few stuttering has been reported among our users of new tour pro. Many people commented that they had smooth game experience while playing on this great laptop with excellent performance.


The new tour pro has been upgraded to LPDDR4 standard that has two times larger bandwidth than the previous generation. The bigger 8GB RAM means faster system boot-up and stronger multitasking capability. Besides, the new tour pro supports 528GB SSD extension, while the old one can be extended to 510 GB. You don’t have to complain there is not enough room in your laptop to store some important documents or your favorite movies, pictures, and videos.  


The new tour pro upgraded the A and D metal side of the device. The new material is sturdier and more durable with less vulnerability to external damages. Whether the new tour pro or the old one is giving out a professional and fashionable look that manifests our user's tastes and personality. A lot of users commented that they have better moods working with tour pro laptops because of their charming appearance.


Both the new tour pro and the old one boast dazzling 2K display, but the new one supports a touch screen with multitouch function, which enables users to navigate and fully interact with the screen and reduce the need for an external mouse or keyboard. As a result, it improves the working efficiency and helps avoid unnecessary mistakes. We highly recommend the new tour pro to office workers who spend lots of time dealing with laptops. According to the feedback of our users, after using tour pro laptops, they suffer from less eye soreness than they did when using other products.


The new tour pro has a full function type-C port and a type-A 3.0 port, while the old one is equipped with two USB ports and a mini HDMI port. Different users can choose different products according to their actual needs.

XIDU company is committed to making innovations and creating convenience for our users. The tour pro series are regarded as one of our flagship products owing to their combination of the entertainment and office functions of laptops together. Please feel free to choose any XIDU tour pro laptops with powerful pre-sale and after-sale services after taking into consideration of your demands and financial conditions.


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