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I have been using this XIDU PhilBook for quite a few months and I’d like to share how I feel about this device. I have to say at first I didn’t have too many expectations for a laptop at only $269.99, but it really surprised me. When I bought this, I intended to use it in my office for sending e-mails or writing memos. Now I carry it everywhere for working, watching movies or playing games sometimes. Here are a few things I love about this laptop:

Processor: it is equipped with an Intel Atom Quad Core CPU with 4GB DDR3, 64GB eMMC memory storage. I don’t know if it’s because new devices experience less stuttering, but I have been using it for almost half a year, and it still runs very fast. Totally exceed my expectations! Now I abandoned some of my old laptops (or gave them to my kids, they don’t care if these devices are slow or backward).

Various modes: I don’t know what else I can ask for. It can rotate for 360 degrees! I’ve never used such products before so I was really impressed. There are four modes you can choose: notebook, display, tablet and tent mode. My favorite one is tent mode because I usually take a lot of business trips and as we all know on airplanes or trains, there is not too much private room. So I will use the text mode to do some emergent work. It really saved my time and energy. Now I don’t have to spend the whole time on the plane staring at the windows and do nothing. What’s more awesome is that the screen is in HD so the images are vivid and clear. It also supports multi-touch function. In my spare time, I also use it to do some drawing. By the way, the laptop is 2.42 pounds and has a relatively long battery life (about 6-8 hours for a full charge). So if you also travel a lot like me, this is a perfect choice for you.

All connections: It has one USB 3.0, one USB 2.0, one MicroSD Card Reader, one Mini HDMI, 802.11b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. These ports really helped me because I need to make presentations at work and have to connect my laptop with external devices. Also, I want to praise the WIFI connection. There are few occasions when I have trouble using wifi in other places. Usually, when I used some other products, it takes a long time for me to be connected with wifi, which is really annoying.

Overall: I have to say I am quite satisfied with this laptop :). I am feeling that it was worth the money I spent and even exceeded the value. Anyway, I recommended this laptop to all of you especially to students and those who travel frequently.


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