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As an emerging brand, XIDU specializes in designing and manufacturing laptops due to its rich experience. It has powerfully challenged giant manufacturers. Without brand premium, it offers affordable price, making you spend money wisely! 11.6-inch Philbook Pro, newly released by XIDU, is featured by space gray metal case regardless of its cheap price of 300$, which greatly shows commercial style. 

Easy-to-Carry 11.6-inch Thin Body


Compared with other elementary thin laptops, Philbook Pro adopts solid-state drive(SSD). Unlike the vast majority of manufacturers who employ cheap mechanical hard drive to control costs. Furthermore, to realize its thin and lightweight performance, they also use eMMC memory facing mobile terminal. For example, for IdeaPad of LENOVO with the price of 400$, the mechanical hard drive is the default, and extra fees will be charged if SSD is required.

The low reading efficiency of such memories can’t ensure the startup and software loading speed. While the 128GB SSD with M.2 interface, adopted by Philbook Pro, takes only 6s to start up and largely shortens software loading time, which is beneficial to improve working efficiency.


SSD - fast reading speed


Some elementary laptops also sacrifice screen resolution ration for costs, just like the above-mentioned IdeaPad that has 1366 * 768 resolution. Other screen resolutions equipped by LENOVO Xiaoxin, Xiaomi Air, Huawei Matebook D with the price of about 800$ are only 1080P (1920*1080). To some degree, only middle and high-end laptops are equipped with 2K resolution (2560*1440) screen.

Philbook Pro, featured by IPS screen with 2560×1440 resolution that stands out for high definition, high color gamut, 178° viewing angle, etc., enables to provide more comfortable visual effect no matter in watching films or playing games! Get a Philbook Pro at an affordable price with excellent performance equal to or even better than those products at higher prices!

2K Screen - Clearer than 1080P


What's cooler is the multi-touch function, which makes it easy to use for all customers. Large manufacturers such as Dell and HP often don’t adopt touch screen for low-priced laptops. Thus, emerging laptop brands take the lead in this market. The equipped multi-touch screen of Philbook Pro enables to drag, click, or type anything you like smoothly!

360°rotation Works Perfectly with Multi-touch Screen


Besides the above-mentioned features, Philbook Pro also adds keyboard backlight with soft white, which is rarely equipped by other similar laptops. Its equipped Intel Apollo Lake  J3355 and 6GB LPDDR3 make it a great choice among laptops with the price of 400$. Seek for a laptop with great performance and affordable price? Get ready to obtain this portable and efficient product!

Suitable for Home, Office, Travel, etc.



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